PROCLAIMING the Restoration of the Order of Melchizedek

The New moon was sighted over Jerusalem September 15, 2015. This is the Biblical sign of the Seventh month, and the beginning of Yom Teruah, at sunset Tuesday evening.


We, your people, on this day of Sept 15 (2 Tishri 5776) do hereby PROCLAIM the WORLDWIDE restoration of the Order of Melchizedek. As New Covenant, Kingdom Priests of the Order Melchizedek, we declare this Kingdom Priesthood is our inheritance and what every Believer should be walking in. As such, we embrace it today, and declare its purpose and place recognized.
Help us walk in this season of new revelation as You, YHWH, open the books. We proclaim these 4 Blood moons, for the awakening of the Body of Yeshua, unto the fullness of the stature of the Son of YHWH.
We repent of all our errors, sin, and wrong teaching, whether willful or out of ignorance. Please have mercy on us and teach us your ways, YHWH our Elohim.

YHWH, we proclaim as your Children that the Priesthood Order of Melchizedek will restore to us and your Kingdom the power of our New Covenant.
YHWH, we proclaim as your Children that the Priesthood Order of Melchizedek will restore to us and your Kingdom the reestablishment of the Servant Offices of the Apostles, the Prophets, the Evangelists, the Pastors, and the Teachers.


WARNING (Rev 18:4): And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.


We repent from following the instructions of Rabbinic Judaism, their customs and traditions, and paying homage to their rebellion, heresy and blasphemy. We are careful when proclaiming this, for we are not calling the children of the Houses of Israel and House of Judah, who YOU call the apple of Your eye, cursed,

The Rabbis created Rosh Hashanah, with its change of the new year from your spring date to their autumn date. We declare that to change your times and seasons is blasphemy. We do not acknowledge it or participate in it. Please remove any curse we have accumulated because of our error, or any curse connected with our sin.

The Rabbis created the Ten Days of Awe. It is blasphemy! We do not acknowledge it or participate in it. Remove any curse we have accumulated because of our error, or any curse connected to our sin.

The Rabbis fabricated the Yom Kippur service in which “observant followers of Rabbinic Judaism are extended grace for one more year and their name is kept in the Book of Life.” It is blasphemy! We do not acknowledge it or participate in it. Remove any curse we have accumulated because of our error, or any curse connected to our sin.


We repent from following the instructions of the pagan, Greco-Roman Catholic whore and her pagan, Greco-Roman, Protestant daughters, and their customs and traditions. By participating in their feasts and celebrations, we also took part in their rebellion, heresy, and blasphemy. Please forgive us for observing pagan traditions, such as Easter where we paid homage to the Catholic Church and the goddess of fertility, Ishtar. It is blasphemy! We do not acknowledge it or participate in these traditions. Remove any curse we have accumulated because of our error, or any curse connected to our sin.

Help us, oh YHWH our Elohim, to remove all paganism from our ways, our home and our children. Have mercy on our sins and send Your Holy Spirit to teach us, guide us into Your ways alone.

Pappy’s Reflection

I was meditating this Sabbath and this is what came to me…”The resurrection of Pappy.”

Sometimes you have to reflect and realize how you have reached your current destination. Almost six years ago in my own laboratory I was gassed in a near fatal experience. It left me disabled and without the realistic possibility of a normal life. My precious wife took care of me like I was royalty. What a true woman of God.  I was 58 when it happened and the only reason I had returned to the industrial world was to make enough money to produce the “world changing movies” I wanted that Hollywood would not produce. You have to realize for a Pastor/Teacher, making movies is about changing lives, ON STEROIDS! You can educate and motivate without the audience even knowing. The message can be seen by people all over the world. I believe we have been called to utilize all forms of communications and mediums to promote the Kingdom of God.

I had already known every type of success I ever truly wanted and I have the most incredible wife in the world, so maybe it was just time for me to hang up my movie making pistols and retire on our little ranch. My book Epidemic was having a moderate success and we could travel and teach from time to time. My strength never returned so Brendarella had to do everything. Someone else was going to have to evangelize the world with film &TV.

We met some very exciting young people in whom I saw the next wave of truth seekers- leaders coming forth, like Rob Skiba and Kevin Roberts. The Lord was giving me dreams, visions and revelation on the End-times, as well as insight into the opening of the books. I felt a responsibility to help the people who were going to be part of the second exodus, so I had purpose and a feeling of self worth even though I felt defeated in the mass media fields. With a blog-talk radio program and a wonderful group of New Covenant friends and family, I was beginning to get comfortable with my decline and demises.

Then one day, 2 years ago, in the Winter, I got a phone call from Sheila Skiba. She was ecstatic! She and Rob have been to South Africa.  She had a book called The Choice, and it was crying out for me to make it into a movie. She was so ecstatic I couldn’t say no to the reading. Half way through the book I was so energized I saw a platform, The Love Story, that was designed to bring so much truth to the world.  I knew I was born to make this movie, with what God was putting on my heart. My wife walks into the room, tears flowing down my face she asked, “What’s wrong?” I told her she would see when she read the book. Two days later I walked into that room to see her with the book and tears running down her face. She looked up and said, “You were born to make this movie!” She knew what I had in my own heart and soul.

A few months later we were on our way to South Africa to meet Jamie & Liz which was another life changing event. They set up a country wide tour to promote the film project and our book Epidemic. What a blessing! We now have friends all over the country, thanks to them.

As I developed the story “I was seeing” it became a little too far removed from the one she wanted to tell, and it is her story. Liz suggested that we might have two movies and two stories. Without any ill will or altercation we both moved forward. I was still in no physical condition to do a film so all I could do at the time was write.

After returning to the States we ended up, by another series of miracles, in Oregon at Chelsea’s Sanctuary and after 3 weeks of treatment and detoxing, I regained about 60% of my strength. I am still improving and planning on becoming 120% before we are done.

The film I was preparing to make when Satan took me down was The Judgment Seat in at least 5 languages. This play I wrote has been a tool for over 1/2 million being saved and that’s just with a small production company. The DVD version of the movie may be used by anyone in the world who wants to lead someone to the Lord.

When I return from South Africa, I am pushing to get the production team for the film started.

I have taken the plot from Liz’s story to create the first of an end-time Trilogy that I am hoping to show her while we are there. Working title is Calling Ephraim Fourth. The first in the series is The Choice-Waking Ephraim up. The second is The Last Apostle-Advance to the Wilderness. The Third is Abomination & Desolation-Defeating The Beast! It is a massive undertaking with much to do so your prayers are coveted. The first script is about 65% complete, the second about, 70% complete. I had to finish Jacob’s Trouble to know how which subplots to weave into these stories.

With my health returning and what appears to be a very successful year coming up I am praying on how we communicate so many new and biblical concepts without utilizing film and TV? I don’t think we are to overlook the most powerful communication tools in the world. With the world focused on entertainment and technology we can focus on effectiveness I am going to call it Apostolic Film making. I believe YHWH is calling a group of Media Pillars together to accomplish His will. He has and is bringing the industrial pillars together, the Safe-city Pillars, the New Covenant Israel Pillars.

I have two life long commitments, NCI New Covenant Israel & LSE. Lone Star Express- the Second Exodus.

I have three fields of interest which are
1. Industrialization to a) harvest the wealth of the world to provide for us and the Kingdom of God, b) build and sustain those facilities necessary to provide for the Second Exodus into the Wilderness of the people’s, c) enable Kingdom people to maximize science and technology to promote the Kingdom.
2.  Communications to be able to effectively bring truth and biblical education to the world.
3. Film & Music

So, with all that in mind, “By the authority given to me as a servant-priest of YHWH, through the blood of His only begotten son, Yeshua, I call forth the Apostles, Prophets and Evangelist-Pillars of mass media and the resources necessary to accomplish all His Kingdom tasks. I call forth the stewards of the Kingdom to oversee, protect and allocate those Kingdom resources. Bring this into being and send your ministering Angels to protect all who are called to these tasks. Thank you Abba for your Holy Spirit guiding and directing us all.”

Shalom, Pappy

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