Why We Exist

Why we exist, the Post-Christian – Post-Messianic Era
NCI was formed by believers who are post-Christian or post-Messianic, or both. We pray that we can return to the original blueprint upon which to unite and build a “true” work of the Spirit, the Kingdom of YHWH. As New Covenant believer pioneers, we are called by the Spirit to repent, come out from among religions—all of which are pagan—and return to our true Biblical Hebraic Roots, which allow each individual a personal relationship with YHWH through Yeshua.

New Covenant Israel exists to restore man’s understanding of the Kingdom of God, and his identity in that kingdom, as individual Kingdom Priests after the order of Melchisedec (Hebrews 7). Its charter is to teach and empower every man and woman to fully abide in their kingdom rights, calling, authority, and stewardship; and to do all we can to restore the unity of the Body (Jew and Gentile) as a family, while re-establishing the Kingdom order and relationship to our God.


Our goal is to lead or help as many as are called

  • out of darkness into the light
  • into the presence of the love of YHWH
  • to break the chains of religious bondage
  • to unlock prisons of ignorance and arrogance.

We understand that the “Old Testament” (Tanach with the Torah) helps to establish our Biblical-Hebrew Roots, teaching us how to walk. While the New Testament scriptures will teach us to FLY! Applying a balance of both will enable us to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons while maintaining a close personal relationship with YHWH through His Son, Yeshua. NCI does not build audiences; it builds pilots. This goal is reached when your ability to walk in the Spirit and soar with eagles is realized.

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