What We Believe

New Covenant Israel
brethren understand that YHWH is the One True God, Supreme Master, Creator and Father of all things. We believe that YHWH is Holy and His Spirit/Breath is Holy as well, inseparable from Him. We believe that He is eternal, all-powerful, and omniscient. We agree that Yeshua (Jesus) is the only begotten Son of YHWH. We believe Yeshua is Deity, like His Father, and is Co-Creator of all things that are created. We believe He is submitted and subservient to the Father. We agree that Yeshua became flesh through the impartation of the Holy Spirit of YHWH, and became the designated Passover Lamb to redeem man from his sins, qualifying man to become a New Covenant Kingdom Priest.


We understand the “Kingdom of Heaven” to be the perpetual domain and abiding place of YHWH. We understand that the “Kingdom of God,” as expressed in the New Testament, refers to the re-established dominion which Yeshua took back from Satan, who had usurped that dominion from Adam in the Garden of Eden. We understand that it is the Kingdom of YHWH now and it will become the Kingdom of Yeshua during the Millennial Reign.


We believe that Man is in a fallen state from birth and in need of redemption. When Man reaches out to Father (YHWH), accepts Yeshua (Jesus) as his own Passover Lamb, asks forgiveness and repents from past sin, trusts in, relies on, and clings to the infallible love of the One who raised Yeshua from the dead, then YHWH applies the blood of Yeshua to the heart of that person, so that man or woman is regenerated (born again) through the Holy Spirit of YHWH. This process instantly imputes Yeshua’s righteousness into the heart (spirit) and he/she becomes a new creation. When the heart of man is regenerated (made holy and justified) by the Spirit of YHWH, sanctification begins and is a continuous process of learning to walk in his/her inheritance, yielding to the teaching and guidance of the Spirit of YHWH, and releasing the life of Yeshua in his/her own walk in the Kingdom.


We believe all regenerated men and women are holy priests unto YHWH and that no human has either the right or obligation to stand between YHWH and another human. No man, no matter his/her position, authority, or ministry, is better than or greater than any other man/woman. The head of every man is Yeshua, and the head of Yeshua is YHWH (1 Cor. 11:3).

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