Understanding Movements and Ishmael

Movements and Ishmael

Sarai, not trusting YHWH to be true to HIS promise, yielding to the flesh, gave her handmaiden, Hagar, to Abram to have and bear a child—the promised heir. In Galatians 3, we are shown how far from the truth they were. Ishmael represents both the work of the flesh and taking short cuts to accomplish what we want. Point and focus: Before the true, God-sent movement is birthed, the “Ishmael Way” is for Satan to introduce and promote a false movement or sect with a “measure of truth.” Satan creates an atmosphere promoting doubt and fear, to confuse the issue and prevent that which is real from being manifested. With counterfeits sown like tares among wheat to obscure the truth, it’s often difficult for the carnal believer to discern the difference. At times, it’s difficult for any of us to discern the difference.

The last fifty years have seen an emergence of several influential movements. They include the Charismatic Movement, the Non-Denominational Movement, the Word of Faith Movement, the Messianic Movement and the new Apostolic/Prophetic Movement, to name some of the majors. All of these movements possess some real elements of the Kingdom of God, which will be restored to the End-Time, or Trans-Tribulational Church. Satan has worked diligently to keep the masses disillusioned for the purpose of preventing individuals from seeking a closer, deeper relationship with YHWH and receiving the outpouring of the gifts and callings, part of the inheritance of Believers of the Kingdom.

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