The Kingdom Initiative

– Noun

  1. An introductory act or step; leading action: Produce the play, The Judgment Seat, and win the lost! (Use local cast and crew, so play can continue to be reproduced.)
  2. Readiness and ability in initiating action; enterprise: Discipleship of the Believer’s New Covenant Boot Camp—Believers’ basic course available online or as DVD sets. Part of the New Covenant Awakening.
  3. One’s personal, responsible decision: Be part of the Initiative. Prayer Intercessors, cast, crew, musicians, singers, set builders, wardrobe makers, altar workers, counselors, New Covenant Fellowship leaders (House church).
  4. Government. (Kingdom) A procedure by which a specified number of Kingdom Priests may propose a statute, ordinance, or decree. We propose to take targeted areas as beachheads for the Kingdom and to form New Covenant Fellowships (House Churches) throughout each area we are called to serve.

– Adjective

  1. Of, or pertaining to, initiation; serving to initiate: Binding together in prayer and action to make this a reality for the Kingdom of God!

The play, The Judgment Seat (currently undergoing a title change), has already inspired thousands of documented salvation decisions and is currently touring internationally in 14 languages. To meet expansion plans in the United States, we need cast, crew, altar workers and co-sponsors to comprise several core operating companies who will then recruit and work with various church volunteers from each venue to present the play. We seek to establish hubs throughout the country where the self-contained troupes can headquarter, and maintain a mobile unit ready to take the play to venues offered by potential hosts. Everyone who loves God and wants to help make a difference in establishing the kingdom is welcome to participate. Fruitfulness is a Biblical mandate and we believe it is required to keep the body healthy.

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