The Awakening

As the Spirit of YHWH blows the Shofar of Revelation, the Book is being opened while men and women all over the world are spontaneously awakening to both our pagan past and our Biblical-Hebrew Roots heritage. Many believers are beginning to feel uneasy, without understanding why. Others are realizing they are participating in pagan or manmade rituals. We are awaking to the fact that we must sweep out the paganism that has slithered its way into Judaism and Christianity, then (subsequently) into our lives. Both the Christian and Messianic movements are losing people at a staggering rate. Many are leaving the Messianic Movement because of the legalism and disrespect shown toward Gentile brothers and sisters, and due to the increased teaching of rabbinic doctrines and rituals that are not Biblical. Both religions are littered with paganism and neither is actually meeting the spiritual needs of true believers. Numerous individuals are searching for their true identity—confused or falsely condemned and burdened by Satan with an “orphan or homeless Spirit.”

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