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We are NCI-Family. We function and exist as a family in the Kingdom of YHWH. We all have the same Father. We all have the same Head and soon coming King, Yeshua. The Elders all serve as older Brothers and Sisters who are subject to the Lord and one another. We are responsible for and to one another.


Is the reconciliation of the Two Houses of Israel finally upon us having been separate for over 2,700 years? On this important Thursday, February 09-broadcast of 2,730 years…and Counting, Gene Porter dares to introduce the conversation between both parties—Judah and his long-lost brother Ephraim. Representatives of both Judah and Ephraim HUMBLY and FRANKLY discuss the process of rapprochement. [CLICK LINK BELOW to hear the Broadcast]



Restoring Judah & Ephraim/Israel, All the Sons of YHWH, in Spirit, Truth, and Power!
Jeremiah 31:31… I will make a New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah…
Through —
• Fellowship
• Discipleship
• Evangelism!



Many are becoming hungry for the deeper things of YHWH! They are starting home fellowship groups. And some existing groups are becoming part of NCI’s family of congregations.


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Epidemic: The Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity

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